Bypass icloud activation lock screen on ios 10 and lower

The doulci team has come with the new activation tool , Doulci activator software. This software can easily bypass icloud activation lock without the need of itunes. You can download beta version of the software from link provided below .

We all know the good reputation of doulci team and it’s member aquaxentine. Now with doulci activator it is hoped to help millions of user who are stuck in icloud activation lock

Note: Before you proceed read this : To bypass icloud activation lock you need to download software such as  ip tools, Doulci script, Doulci activator and bypass pluginAll software can be downloaded for free from the link provided below . You need to install all software step by step to bypass icloud activation. 

Please Follow the steps strictly .

Mac user : Instruction with required tools can be downloaded fromClick here

Window User : Steps by Steps Instruction 

1 First download and install ip tools from link : Click here
2 Then download and install doulci script from : this link
3 Next download and install doulci activator : Link
4 At last download and install bypass plugin : Link
5 After installation of all above 3 software connect your device and open doulci activator
6 Watch video provided below and follow the instruction .
Video proof

You may require to download activation code if existing code on software does not work.You can download the activation code  from : Click here

If by any means if any above download link doesnot work then you can download the whole package : Doulci activator, Doulci script, ip tools and activation code from using link  here